Gas delivered to your vehicle. Filling your vehicle with gas is time consuming, inconvenient, expensive, messy, and unsafe. It is an everyday chore that up until now, consumers and fleet managers have just assumed must be done. But in the same way that Amazon transformed mindsets as it relates to shopping, Slick is transforming how people buy their gas and manage their vehicles.
Maximize time
Good to the environment
Save money
All Critical Fuels technicians are HAZMAT certified
All gas is 87 octane or better, double-filtered and procured from prime-rated distributors.
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Simply text “SLICK” to 797979 or e-mail us at indicating your desire to enroll.
Set up your subscription
How many vehicles? What are the best service windows and frequency? We will work with you to set up the best subscription for you.
Open your fuel door before locking your vehicle so we can fill your tank during your service window. We’ll make sure your fuel door is securely closed when we’re finished.
Competitive Pricing & Convenience We match the lowest price per gallon in your area and add a small delivery fee. One truck can deliver to multiple vehicles in one service delivery event. Safety First

We adhere to the highest standards and regulations in each state. Our technicians are fully vetted Slick emplouyees and HAZMAT certified.

Available 24/7 Our delivery windows can run throughout the day and night. Eco-friendly Slick's fuel delivery keeps cars from driving to the gas station. A green solution for all.
"Slick believes that the conscious use of natural resources and time must live in harmony with efficiency and value. For our customers, our team, and our planet. " - Slick Sustainability Statement Clean Convenient Green
Vehicle care at your finger tips. Vehicle care at your finger tips.
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