Eco-Friendly On-Demand Vehicle Care
At Slick, our innovative approach to vehicle care is the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly method we can devise and is designed to be good 
to our customers, our team and the planet.
Trained Team Members
All of our field work starts with our technicians and the way they approach their work. Our field technicians are: full-time, W-2 employees (we do not hire independent contractors), led and trained by ASE-certified techs who are Slick-certified in our sustainability and customer-centric practices.
Eco-Friendly Service Vehicles
All of our production vehicles are equipped with proprietary cutting edge technologies. Our maintenance vans leverage vacuum capture technology enabling waste oil to be extracted via the customer’s dipstick tube or via a specialized drain pan. Our detail vans are equipped with steam technology reducing water usage to a few gallons a day and minimizing the need for chemicals to the bare minimum. And we will continue to innovate environmentally friendly ways to deliver on-demand, vehicle care.
Work Zone, Recycle & Upcycle
All our work zones are covered with specialized mats created by leading spill prevention manufacturer to create a guaranteed clean, spill proof environment. And 100% of the waste oil and recyclable waste generated by our jobs is recycled or upcycled.
Vehicle care at your finger tips. Vehicle care at your finger tips.
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